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Even supplements that have very low levels of toxicity, which are prob. now in everything and unavoidable, are made to have warning signs on the bottle that it may cause cancer. While they, our government, are the ones spraying our air with the metals and toxins to begin with. It’s like when they pretend to care about us and make us wear seatbelts, but then put smart meters on our homes to radiate us. There was this huge warning that went around the internet a couple of years back about how not to save onions after you cut them, as they may soak up the toxins in the air. And all the older people where all like oh my god, freaking out about onions. But the same people would be told about chemtrails and look at you like you had 43 eyes and 43 heads. And be like so what, that’s not important as ONIONS. This whole dietary thing is such a game. The gov. always pretend to care while the dangerous stuff is allowed to happen and all the sheep fall for the fake reality.

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